3M Internships Available For Students 2024

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3M, also known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is a multinational conglomerate that operates in various industries, including consumer goods, healthcare, electronics, and industrial products. Known for its innovative solutions and products, 3M offers internships to students and recent graduates, providing them with valuable hands-on experience in their chosen fields.

3M internships are highly regarded and sought after by individuals aspiring to gain practical knowledge and skills while working for a globally recognized company. These internships are designed to provide participants with real-world exposure to the company’s operations, culture, and projects, allowing them to contribute to meaningful work while learning from experienced professionals.


The 3M internship program offers opportunities across a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, research and development, marketing, finance, supply chain, information technology, and more. The company values diversity and encourages applications from students representing different backgrounds and academic fields.

Interns at 3M are typically assigned to specific projects or departments, where they work closely with mentors and team members. They are given meaningful responsibilities and the chance to make a tangible impact within their assigned roles. By working on challenging assignments and collaborating with professionals in their respective fields, interns have the opportunity to develop valuable skills, expand their networks, and gain insights into the industry.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


Furthermore, 3M recognizes the importance of fostering a positive work-life balance and offers various employee benefits to interns. These benefits may include competitive compensation, access to employee facilities and services, and opportunities to engage in social and networking events.

The internship experience at 3M can serve as a stepping stone to future career opportunities within the company. 3M values its interns and considers them as potential future employees, often extending full-time job offers to those who have demonstrated exceptional performance and fit within the organization.

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