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An internship at ANSYS presents a remarkable opportunity for engineers and recent graduates to delve into the realm of engineering simulation software. ANSYS stands at the forefront as a premier provider of engineering simulation solutions, empowering visionaries to conceptualize and materialize groundbreaking innovations by simulating real-world phenomena.

During their tenure, interns are dug into a vibrant milieu, working in tandem with engineers and professionals on tangible projects. This experience offers interns insights into the application of engineering principles and simulation methodologies across diverse sectors such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and healthcare.


Interns at ANSYS are typically assigned to bespoke projects or interdisciplinary teams tailored to their proficiencies, passions, and educational backgrounds. They may find themselves engaged in an array of tasks, spanning software development, product validation, customer liaison, and technical documentation.

Throughout their internship journey, participants are nurtured under the wing of mentors who aid in honing their technical prowess, problem-solving acumen, and industry acuity. ANSYS champions a culture of perpetual learning, fostering an environment where interns are encouraged to inquire, innovate, and take ownership of their projects.

ANSYS furnishes interns with access to state-of-the-art software tools and resources, facilitating hands-on proficiency in industry-standard simulation software. This practical exposure not only augments interns’ technical aptitude but also primes them for prospective career trajectories within the engineering simulation domain.

These engagements are conduits for interns to expand their professional nexus, glean wisdom from industry luminaries, and traverse potential career pathways within the organization.

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Upon culmination, interns have the opportunity to showcase their endeavors and achievements through presentations or project expositions. This platform affords interns the chance to garner insights from peers and mentors alike, while also basking in the limelight for their contributions to the organization’s tapestry.

ANSYS promises an enriching odyssey for aspirants keen on carving a niche in the domain of engineering simulation. Be it grappling with cutting-edge technology, or working with industry cognoscenti. ANSYS interns are poised to cultivate the skills and sagacity requisite for triumph in the realm of engineering simulation.

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