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Arizona Public Service (APS) offers a range of internships providing experiences for students and recent graduates. These opportunities enable individuals to gain practical skills, explore career paths, and contribute to APS’s mission of providing reliable energy to customers across Arizona.

APS internships span various disciplines, including engineering, finance, marketing, information technology, environmental science, and more. The company recognizes the importance of fostering talent and diversity, welcoming applicants from diverse backgrounds and academic interests.

Different Types

Engineering internships at APS are highly sought after, offering students hands-on experience in various fields such as electrical, mechanical, civil, and renewable energy. Interns may work alongside experienced professionals on projects involving power generation, distribution, and grid modernization, contributing to the development of sustainable energy solutions.

For finance and business students, APS provides opportunities to take aspects of the financial operations of a major utility company. Interns may assist with financial analysis, and budgeting, or participate in strategic planning initiatives, learning how these aspects impact the energy industry.

Marketing and communications internships focus on promoting APS’s initiatives, engaging with customers, and developing innovative campaigns to raise awareness about energy conservation and sustainability. These roles offer exposure to both traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Information technology internships cater to students interested in software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, and network infrastructure. Interns may work on projects involving system upgrades, cybersecurity protocols, or data management

Environmental science interns have the opportunity to get into projects related to renewable energy, sustainability initiatives, and environmental compliance. They may assist in researching new technologies, conducting environmental impact assessments, or developing strategies for reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

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Online Apply

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Interning at APS offers not only the chance to acquire practical skills but also to make a meaningful impact on the energy sector. Successful interns may even have the opportunity to transition into full-time positions within the company after completing their education.

APS’s internship programs has experiences for students and recent graduates across multiple disciplines. These programs are for learning opportunities and potential career paths within the impactful field of energy.

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