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Aritzia Internship In 2024 Fashion Company

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Aritzia is a well-known fashion brand headquartered and it gives various internship opportunities for students and recent graduates looking to gain experience in the fashion industry. Internships at Aritzia give individuals hands-on learning and the inner workings of a global retail and design company.

The Aritzia internship program covers departments, including but not limited to design, merchandising, marketing, e-commerce, finance, human resources, and technology. Each internship opportunity is created to offer participants an understanding of the specific department they are placed in.


The application process for an Aritzia internship usually involves submitting a resume and sometimes a portfolio, depending on the internship role. Candidates are selected based on their qualifications, relevant skills, and passion for the fashion industry. Successful applicants often demonstrate creativity, a strong work ethic, adaptability, and a desire to learn.

Interns at Aritzia are integrated into their respective teams and are given real responsibilities from day one. They work closely with experienced professionals, contributing to projects, attending meetings, and gaining practical insights into their field of interest. Throughout the internship, individuals receive guidance and mentorship, allowing them to develop professionally and personally.

In the design department, interns may have the opportunity to assist designers, conduct research, create mood boards, or contribute to the development of new collections. They might learn about fabric sourcing, garment construction, and the creative processes involved in bringing fashion concepts to life.

Merchandising interns often work on analyzing market trends, assisting in product assortment planning, and understanding consumer behavior. They may work with cross-functional teams to optimize product offerings and contribute to the overall retail strategy.

Marketing and e-commerce interns may get involved in social media campaigns, content creation, digital analytics, or website management. They could go to strategies aimed at enhancing brand visibility and engaging customers on platforms.

Finance interns might assist in budgeting, financial analysis, or operational planning. They could learn about retail finance, inventory management, and the financial aspects that drive a successful fashion business.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


At the end of the internship, participants often have the chance to present their projects or findings to senior leadership, providing them with a platform to showcase their contributions and receive feedback.

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