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Avera is a healthcare organization headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which gives a diverse array of internship opportunities, providing a unique platform for students and emerging professionals to garner experience, guidance, and exposure in the ever-evolving realm of healthcare.

Avera’s internship initiatives are thoughtfully curated to nurture budding talents, catalyze personal and professional evolution, and contribute to the organization’s overarching mission of ameliorating the health and well-being of individuals and communities.


Avera extends a spectrum of internship pathways nursing, clinical research, information technology, marketing, finance, human resources, and other domains. This inclusivity ensures that individuals from assorted academic backgrounds can align their career aspirations with Avera’s offerings.

Avera internships proffer tangible, real-world experience, enabling participants to translate theoretical knowledge into practical application within a dynamic healthcare milieu. This hands-on exposure is pivotal in honing concrete skills and establishing a firm foundation for prospective careers.

Avera’s mission places community well-being at its epicenter. Interns have the privilege to engage in projects and initiatives that directly influence the health and prosperity of local communities, adding a profound sense of fulfillment to their experience.

Avera’s internships are architected to facilitate not only professional but also personal growth. The challenges and responsibilities that interns embrace nurture self-assuredness, sound decision-making abilities, and a robust work ethic.

An Avera internship embellishes a résumé significantly. Prospective employers recognize the organization’s reputation and its unwavering commitment to sculpting the next generation of healthcare luminaries.

For many Avera interns, the experience transcends a mere summer stint. They contribute meaningfully to projects and initiatives that bear the potential for a long-lasting influence on the organization and the community.

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Avera internships proffer a unique and transformative journey for students and nascent professionals who aspire to make their mark in the healthcare arena. Through a blend of practical exposure and community impact, these programs lay the groundwork. Whether one’s passion lies in nursing, IT, marketing, or any other facet of healthcare, an Avera internship sets the stage for a gratifying and influential career trajectory.

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