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Biola University Internships In 2024 Beginnings

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Biola University, located in La Mirada, California, is renowned for its way of providing students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. One of the key components of this educational experience is the opportunity for students to engage in internships, which allow them to apply their classroom learning to real-world settings. Biola University internships serve as a bridge between academic study and professional careers, equipping students with valuable skills, experience, and connections.

Biola University offers a wide range of internship opportunities across various disciplines, catering to the diverse interests and career aspirations of its students. These internships are available in fields such as business, communications, psychology, education, film production, journalism, and more.


Internships at Biola University are created for experiences that allow students to gain practical skills, expand their networks, and discern their vocational calling. Through their internships, students have the opportunity to work alongside professionals in their fields of interest, gaining firsthand knowledge and mentorship. These experiences not only enhance students’ academic learning but also enable them to develop a deeper understanding of their chosen industries and professions.

Biola University internships often are a way to future career opportunities. Many students secure full-time employment or receive job offers from the organizations where they intern, while others leverage their internship experiences to strengthen their graduate school applications. The internships offered at Biola University thus provide a valuable pathway for students to launch their careers and make meaningful contributions in their chosen fields.

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Biola University internships are an integral part of the university’s commitment to holistic education. By offering diverse and enriching internship opportunities, Biola equips its students with the skills, experiences, and networks necessary to thrive in their future careers. Through these internships, students gain practical knowledge, professional connections, and a deeper sense of purpose, setting them on a trajectory for success beyond their time at Biola University.

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