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Brookfield Asset Management, a prominent global alternative asset manager boasting a diverse portfolio encompassing real estate, infrastructure, renewable power, and private equity assets, offers an internship program. Aimed at nurturing talent and grooming future leaders in the finance and investment sector, this initiative promises interns an experience doup in the dynamic intricacies of the industry.


The Brookfield internship is tailored to be both challenging and fulfilling, surpassing conventional intern responsibilities. Emphasizing mentorship, the program ensures interns benefit from the guidance and support of seasoned professionals, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in academia and the practical skills demanded by the workplace.

An integral facet of the Brookfield internship is exposure to various asset classes. Interns are allowed to rotate through diverse business units, providing a comprehensive grasp of real estate, infrastructure, renewable power, and private equity. This enables interns to explore their interests, identify strengths, and make informed career choices.

Students from varied backgrounds are encouraged to bring their unique perspectives, contributing to a vibrant corporate culture. This aligns with Brookfield’s overarching vision for a more inclusive financial industry.

Interns may find themselves involved in financial modeling, market research, due diligence, and other pivotal tasks. The hands-on experience gives students practical skills transferable to various roles within the finance and investment sectors.

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Brookfield’s global footprint allows interns to work on projects with an international scope, providing a broader understanding of the interconnected nature of global markets. This is particularly important in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

The Brookfield internship is a portal to a world-class learning experience in the finance and investment sector. Through disclosure to diverse asset classes and a way to diversity and inclusion, interns have the opportunity to cultivate the skills and knowledge essential for a successful career in finance.

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