Brookfield Zoo Internships In 2024 Dawn of a New Era

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Internships at Brookfield Zoo have experience for individuals interested in pursuing careers in animal care, conservation, education, and more. Located near Chicago, Illinois, Brookfield Zoo, operated by the Chicago Zoological Society, is renowned for its dedication to wildlife conservation, education, and animal welfare.

Brookfield Zoo provides a lot of internship programs catering to various interests and career paths. These programs cover animal care, conservation, education, research, veterinary medicine, and more.

Animal Care Internships:

Interns interested in animal care get hands-on experience working with a variety of species. They assist zookeepers in daily husbandry tasks such as feeding, cleaning enclosures, behavioral observations, and providing enrichment activities. This program allows interns to learn about animal behavior, nutrition, and welfare while working closely with experienced zoo staff.

Conservation Internships:

Brookfield Zoo is actively involved in conservation efforts globally. Conservation-focused internships involve research, data analysis, and fieldwork aimed at preserving wildlife and their habitats. Interns may work on projects related to endangered species, habitat restoration, or community engagement initiatives.

Education Internships:

Education internships focus on developing and delivering educational programs for visitors. Interns engage with guests, lead tours, create educational materials and assist in developing outreach programs. This internship provides experience in communicating conservation messages and inspiring the public to care about wildlife.

Veterinary Medicine Internships:

Aspiring veterinarians can gain experience through veterinary internships. Under the guidance of zoo veterinarians, interns assist in medical procedures, exams, treatments, and surgeries for a diverse range of zoo animals. They may also participate in diagnostic procedures and learn about preventive healthcare for captive wildlife.

Research Internships:

Research internships give opportunities to conduct scientific studies related to animal behavior, ecology, genetics, or conservation biology. Interns collaborate with zoo staff on ongoing research projects, collect and analyze data, and contribute to scientific publications or presentations.

Requirements and Application Process:

Brookfield Zoo internships typically require candidates to be pursuing a relevant degree or have a strong interest in the field. Requirements may vary based on the specific internship. Applicants usually need to submit an application, resume, cover letter, and letters of recommendation. Some internships might have additional prerequisites such as specific coursework or experience.

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Online Apply

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Brookfield Zoo’s internships provide a platform for individuals passionate about wildlife and conservation to take knowledge across disciplines within a world-class zoo setting. The program has learning opportunities and a chance to work toward the zoo’s mission of animal welfare, conservation, and education. Interns emerge with enhanced skills, valuable connections, and a deeper understanding of the responsibilities involved in caring for wildlife and preserving biodiversity.

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