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Brookings Institution Internship In 2024 New Openings

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An internship at the Brookings Institution presents an opportunity for aspiring policy researchers and analysts to engage deeply in the realm of public policy, research, and analysis. Renowned globally as a preeminent think tank, the Brookings Institution is dedicated to tackling pressing societal challenges through meticulous research, well-informed recommendations, and substantive engagement with policymakers and the wider public.

The internship at the Brookings Institution offers a multifaceted experience encompassing impactful research, collaborative teamwork, and direct interaction with experts across diverse fields. The institution’s ethos of fostering intellectual curiosity and embracing varied perspectives resonates strongly with individuals with diverse academic backgrounds.


Of particular note is the Brookings Institution’s comprehensive approach to exploring a wide array of policy domains, such as economics, foreign policy, governance, and social welfare. This diversity of focus aligns seamlessly with the interdisciplinary education of participants, spanning disciplines including economics, political science, and sociology. Participation in research projects holds the potential to significantly influence policy decisions and contribute to shaping public discourse.

Collaboration constitutes a cornerstone of the Brookings experience. The prospect of working closely with experts who offer a plethora of viewpoints and expertise is highly appealing. Engagement in team-oriented research projects, brainstorming sessions, and exchanges with accomplished scholars is conducive to personal and professional growth. This collaborative atmosphere promises to refine critical thinking skills, bolster analytical acumen, and facilitate learning through the experiences of others.

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To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


The institution’s commitment to meaningful engagement with policymakers and the public underscores its mission-oriented approach. Participation in endeavors that bridge the gap between research and practical application is a compelling aspect of this internship. The translation of intricate findings into accessible insights that drive well-informed decision-making—be it through policy briefs, public seminars, or digital content—reflects a commitment to nurturing substantial dialogues and positively influencing policy outcomes.

An internship at the Brookings Institution offers an immersive experience in a world-renowned think tank, providing an avenue to contribute to impactful research, collaborate with distinguished experts, and engage with critical policy matters. This experience is created to enhance skills and knowledge, enabling interns to play a meaningful role in the institution’s overarching mission of championing innovative, evidence-based solutions to global challenges.

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