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Brooklyn College Internship In 2024 Emergence of Renewed Paths

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Brooklyn College often offers internship opportunities to its students through various departments and programs. The college has a Career Center or Office of Internships that assists students in finding internships related to their field of study.


  1. Career Services: Visit the Career Center or Office of Internships at Brooklyn College. They usually provide resources, counseling, and information about available internships. They might also have listings or partnerships with companies or organizations offering internships.
  2. Online Portals: Check the college’s website or online portals dedicated to internships. Brooklyn College might have a specific platform or page listing available internships or connecting students with potential opportunities.
  3. Faculty and Advisers: Speak with your academic advisers or faculty members in your department. They often have connections in your field and might know of internship opportunities or can guide you on where to look.
  4. Networking Events: Attend career fairs, workshops, or networking events organized by the college. These events could provide opportunities to meet professionals in your field and potentially find internship openings.
  5. Online Job Boards and Databases: Use online job boards, internship search engines, or databases like Handshake, LinkedIn, Indeed, or These platforms often list internships and may have filters to narrow down opportunities based on your preferences.
  6. Company Websites: Explore the websites of companies or organizations you’re interested in interning with. Many post internship opportunities directly on their career or job opportunity pages.
  7. Professional Associations: Look into professional associations or organizations related to your field. They sometimes advertise internships or have resources available for students.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


When applying for internships, ensure that your resume, cover letter, and any additional materials are polished and tailored to each opportunity. Networking, attending workshops, and building a professional online presence can also significantly enhance your chances of securing an internship.

Remember to check deadlines and application requirements for each internship opportunity, as they may vary. Good luck with your internship search at Brooklyn College!

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