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Carnegie Endowment Internship In 2024

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The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, often referred to as the Carnegie Endowment, is a prestigious think tank based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on global issues related to international relations, diplomacy, economics, and security. The institution was founded in 1910 by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, with the mission of advancing cooperation and understanding among nations to promote international peace.

The Carnegie Endowment offers various internship opportunities for students, recent graduates, and young professionals who are passionate about international affairs and eager to gain practical experience in the field. These internships provide participants with a unique chance to work alongside leading experts, scholars, and researchers who are actively engaged in shaping policy debates and addressing critical global challenges.

Key points about a Carnegie Endowment internship

Opportunity for Learning and Growth: Interns at the Carnegie Endowment have the chance to immerse themselves in research, analysis, and policy discussions on a wide range of international issues. They gain exposure to the inner workings of a think tank and can witness firsthand how research informs policy decisions.

Research and Analysis: Interns often contribute to ongoing research projects, draft policy papers, conduct literature reviews, and assist with data analysis. This hands-on experience enables them to develop valuable research skills and a deeper understanding of global affairs.

The Carnegie Endowment is a hub for experts and policymakers from around the world. Interns have the opportunity to attend events, workshops, and seminars, and to interact with professionals and scholars who are leaders in their respective fields. This networking can be invaluable for future career prospects.

Interns are typically assigned mentors or supervisors who provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout the internship. This mentorship helps interns to refine their research skills and gain insights into the world of policy analysis.

The research produced at the Carnegie Endowment has a significant impact on policy discussions and decisions at both the national and international levels. Interns can take pride in knowing that their work contributes to informed and constructive policy debates.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


Internship positions at the Carnegie Endowment are emulous, and candidates with strong academic records, relevant research experience, and a demonstrated passion for international affairs are more likely to succeed in the application process.

A Carnegie Endowment internship is a incredible chane for individuals aspiring to pursue careers in international relations, diplomacy, policy analysis, and related fields. It provides a platform to engage with global issues, develop practical skills, and make valuable input to the discourse surrounding international peace and cooperation.

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