Central Florida Zoo Internship In 2024

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The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is a vibrant hub for wildlife conservation, education, and community engagement, offering an enriching internship program for graduates who are willing to delve into the world of zoology, conservation, and animal care.

The internship at the Central Florida Zoo is an experience created to give participants in various facets of zoo operations while providing hands-on learning opportunities. Spanning over several weeks, this program caters to aspiring conservationists, biology enthusiasts, and future zoo professionals seeking valuable real-world experience.


Interns capture in an array of activities, behavioral observation, and conservation initiatives. They work with experienced zookeepers to learn about animal care protocols, participate in feeding routines, and assist in maintaining the habitats’ cleanliness and enrichment.

Interns are involved in educational programs and guest interactions, honing their communication skills while educating visitors about wildlife conservation and the importance of biodiversity. Through these interactions, interns play a pivotal role in fostering a deeper understanding of the natural world among visitors of all ages.

An integral aspect of the internship is the opportunity to contribute to conservation research projects conducted within the zoo. Interns assist in data collection, analysis, and research initiatives aimed at understanding animal behavior, enhancing breeding programs, or supporting conservation efforts both locally and globally.

The program is designed to be educational, offering a holistic approach that combines practical experience with educational seminars and workshops. Interns attend specialized training sessions covering topics such as animal behavior, species conservation, and zoo management, led by seasoned professionals in the field.

The Central Florida Zoo cheers interns to take part in community outreach programs, joining efforts to raise awareness about wildlife conservation beyond the zoo’s premises. This involvement allows interns to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios while making a positive impact on local communities.

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The nature of the internship program ensures a selective process, seeking individuals with a genuine passion for wildlife conservation, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn and grow in an environment. Interns benefit not only from experience but also from mentorship and networking opportunities with experts in the field.

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