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Embarking on a Claremont McKenna College (CMC) internship is a catalyst for profound professional development. The experience is an odyssey, where interns delve into the intersection of academic theory and real-world application, guided by CMC’s ethos of intellectual inquisitiveness, leadership, and positive societal contributions.

The CMC internship initiative uniquely positions participants to leverage the college’s expansive alumni network and industry affiliations, offering a panoramic view across diverse disciplines. Critical thinking and problem-solving are central tenets of this experience, as interns grapple with intricate challenges, applying theoretical knowledge to pragmatic contexts. This pragmatic pedagogy hones a versatile skill set, transcending conventional academic boundaries and preparing interns for the dynamic demands of contemporary professional landscapes.


Students synergize with professionals and mentors, benefiting from invaluable guidance and forging connections that often extend beyond the internship tenure. This symbiotic relationship-building lays the groundwork for enduring career success.

CMC internships encourage self-discovery and the pursuit of individual interests and passions. This program recognizes the importance of holistic development, enabling interns to tailor experiences to align with their unique career aspirations. This adaptability empowers interns to test their mettle across diverse sectors, facilitating informed decisions about their professional trajectories.

Beyond the palpable acquisition of industry-specific competencies, a CMC internship is an introduction to a community of kindred spirits committed to excellence. Interns integrate into a global network that unfolds numerous possibilities and collaborative ventures. This camaraderie nurtures enduring connections and reinforces the values synonymous with Claremont McKenna College.

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