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CNAS Internship In 2024 Center For A New American Security

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An internship at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) is an outstanding opportunity for individuals passionate about national security and defense policy. CNAS is a prominent bipartisan think tank dedicated to developing strong, pragmatic, and innovative national security policies.


An internship at CNAS offers a unique platform for emerging professionals interested in contributing to groundbreaking research and analysis in the field of national security. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the complex challenges facing the United States and the world today.

Research and Policy Analysis:

Interns at CNAS engage in rigorous research and analysis on various aspects of national security, including defense strategies, foreign policy, technology, cybersecurity, and geopolitics. They work alongside esteemed experts, contributing to reports, policy briefs, and publications that influence policymakers and shape the national security discourse.

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives:

CNAS promotes an inclusive environment where interns collaborate with a diverse team of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. This exposure broadens their understanding of different viewpoints, fostering critical thinking and innovative problem-solving skills.

Professional Development:

Interns receive mentorship from seasoned professionals, gaining insights into policy formulation, advocacy, and communication strategies. They participate in seminars, workshops, and networking events, enhancing their skills and expanding their professional network within the national security community.

Impactful Contributions:

Interns have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to ongoing research projects and initiatives. Their work may influence policy recommendations and contribute to shaping the discourse on vital national security issues.

Networking and Career Opportunities:

The CNAS internship opens doors to invaluable networking opportunities within the national security realm. Interns interact with policymakers, government officials, and experts, laying the groundwork for potential future career prospects in the field.

Emphasis on Intellectual Growth:

Interns are encouraged to explore and develop their research interests, allowing for intellectual growth and the exploration of diverse perspectives within the context of national security and defense policy.

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