CSIS Internship In 2024 Fresh Beginnings

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The CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) Internship offers a unique and valuable opportunity for individuals interested in the fields of national security, international relations, and intelligence to gain firsthand experience in a dynamic and influential think tank. As a prestigious institution renowned for its research and analysis of global issues, CSIS provides interns with a chance to contribute to impactful projects, learn from experts, and develop essential skills in a professional setting.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a nonpartisan organization based in Washington, D.C., dedicated to providing strategic insights and solutions to global policy challenges. Established in 1962, CSIS has consistently been at the forefront of international affairs research, offering expert analysis on issues ranging from security and defense to economics and technology. CSIS collaborates with government agencies, private sector entities, and academic institutions to generate informed and pragmatic policy recommendations.


The CSIS Internship is created to provide interns with an immersive experience in various areas of research, policy analysis, and project management. Interns are typically assigned to specific programs or centers within CSIS, such as the International Security Program, Energy and National Security Program, Global Health Policy Center, or Technology Policy Program, among others. This targeted approach allows interns to delve into their areas of interest while contributing to ongoing research and initiatives.

Interns assist in conducting research, gathering data, and analyzing information related to their assigned program. They may work on reports, policy briefs, and articles that contribute to the center’s publications. CSIS regularly hosts events, seminars, and conferences featuring prominent policymakers, experts, and scholars. Interns may be involved in event planning, coordination, and logistics.

Interns refine skills such as research, writing, communication, data analysis, and project management. The exposure to real-world projects hones their abilities and prepares them for future roles in academia, government, or the private sector.

Application Process

The CSIS Internship typically requires candidates to submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample, along with their areas of interest and preferred program. Candidates with backgrounds in international relations, political science, security studies, economics, technology, and related fields are encouraged to apply. The selection process is competitive, and successful applicants demonstrate a strong academic record, relevant skills, and a passion for global issues.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


Participating in a CSIS Internship can have a lasting impact on an individual’s career trajectory. The experience provides exposure to cutting-edge research, the inner workings of a leading think tank, and the chance to contribute to meaningful policy discussions. Interns often find themselves better equipped to pursue graduate studies, enter government service, or engage in international affairs roles within various sectors.

The CSIS Internship offers a valuable platform for individuals to engage with critical global issues, develop skills, and contribute to impactful research. With its reputation for excellence and influence in shaping international policy, CSIS provides a unique and enriching experience for those aspiring to make a difference in the realm of national security and intelligence.

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