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The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) offers an environment for students seeking internships to complement their academic pursuits. CU Denver recognizes the importance of having experience in shaping well-rounded, career-ready students, and as a result, the university actively facilitates a plethora of internship opportunities for its diverse student body.

CU Denver’s way of creating a strong connection between academia and industry is evident in its extensive network of partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Whether students are pursuing degrees in business, engineering, health sciences, humanities, or the arts, CU Denver has cultivated a range of internship options to cater to diverse academic interests and career goals.


The university believes in providing students with the chance to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. This is reflected in the quality and variety of internship opportunities available to students, ensuring that they can find placements that align with their academic and professional aspirations.

CU Denver’s location in the heart of downtown Denver further enhances the internship experience. The city serves as a vibrant hub for various industries, offering students a unique advantage in accessing internship opportunities with leading companies and organizations. From multinational corporations to startups, students at CU Denver have the chance to intern in a dynamic urban setting that mirrors the global economy.

The university’s dedicated career services team plays a crucial role in supporting students throughout the internship process. From helping students identify potential opportunities to offering guidance on resume building and interview preparation.

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CU Denver’s internship program stands out as a key component of its way to providing an education. By facilitating connections between students and the professional world, CU Denver ensures that its graduates are trained to navigate and excel in their chosen career paths.

The university’s emphasis on experiential learning, coupled with its strategic location in Denver, creates an environment where internships become not only a supplement to academic learning.

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