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Dana Internship In 2024 Dana Incorporated

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Dana Incorporated, a pioneering force in drivetrain and e-propulsion systems globally, extends exciting internship opportunities for students eager to doup themselves in the automotive realm. The Dana Internship initiative promises an experience, and to nurture the next wave of trailblazers and visionaries.

Interns at Dana delve into cutting-edge projects that push the boundaries of drivetrain technologies and foster sustainable solutions. From groundbreaking hybrid and electric propulsion systems to intelligent driveline components.


An essential element of the Dana Internship is its emphasis on mentorship. Interns are matched with experienced professionals who lead them through projects, impart industry knowledge, and provide invaluable career perspectives. This not only refines interns’ technical skills but also nurtures a nurturing environment that fosters creativity and values collaboration.

At the heart of the Dana Internship experience is a way to professional development. Interns participate in targeted training sessions, workshops, and networking events that enrich their understanding of the automotive sector and fortify essential soft skills. These opportunities empower interns to make substantial contributions to their teams while preparing them for future career milestones.

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The Dana Internship transcends the realm of a mere summer job; it’s an experience that provides students with the skills and insights needed to thrive in the swiftly evolving automotive landscape. As an intern at Dana, you join a global team committed to creating sustainable mobility solutions and steering the course of transportation’s future.

For individuals passionate about effecting positive change in the automotive industry, the Dana Internship provides a unique way to a fulfilling career, laying a sturdy groundwork for professional advancement and going to the progress of cutting-edge technologies in the field.

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