DSCC Internship In 2024 Delaware State Chamber Of Commerce

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The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce (DSCC) offers a dynamic and enriching internship program that provides students with valuable hands-on experience in the world of business and economic development. The DSCC, established in 1837, is a prominent organization dedicated to fostering economic growth, advocating for businesses, and enhancing the overall business environment in the state of Delaware.

The internship program is created to expose students to various aspects of chamber operations, including advocacy, events planning, marketing, and member services. This approach ensures that interns gain an understanding of how a chamber of commerce functions and works for the economic vitality of the region.


One key focus of the internship is advocacy, where interns actively engage in monitoring legislative activities, researching policy issues, and supporting the development of the chamber’s stance on important business-related matters. This hands-on involvement allows interns to witness firsthand how the DSCC advocates for its members and influences public policy to create a favorable business environment.

In addition to advocacy, interns play a crucial role in event planning and execution. The DSCC hosts a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from networking mixers to educational seminars and conferences.

The internship program also emphasizes marketing and communication skills. Interns work on developing promotional materials, social media content, and newsletters to effectively communicate the chamber’s initiatives and achievements. This enhances their ability to convey key messages and highlights the role of effective communication in the success of a chamber of commerce.

Furthermore, interns are involved in member services, where they interact with chamber members, address inquiries, and ensure member satisfaction. This aspect of the internship provides a valuable opportunity for interns to develop interpersonal skills.

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The DSCC internship program not only gives students with practical skills but also nurtures a strong professional network. Interns have the chance to connect with business leaders, government officials, and fellow interns, creating lasting relationships that can prove instrumental in their future careers.

In conclusion, the DSCC internship program offers a well-rounded experience for students interested in the intricacies of business, economic development, and public policy. Interns emerge from the program with an understanding of the role chambers of commerce play in creating economic growth and a set of skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

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