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Duquesne University Internships 2024 Openings

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Duquesne University offers a wide range of internships to provide valuable experiential learning opportunities for its students. These internships serve as a bridge between the classroom and the professional world, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings.

First and foremost, Duquesne University emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience. The university has established strong connections with various industries, businesses, and organizations, both locally and globally. Through these partnerships, students have access to a diverse array of internship opportunities across fields such as business, healthcare, engineering, technology, arts, and more. These internships cater to the specific interests and career goals of each student.


Duquesne University takes a holistic approach to internships, aiming to develop students’ professional skills. The internships focus on enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork abilities. Students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences, identify areas for improvement, and build a strong professional network. The university provides resources and guidance to help students navigate the internship search process, including resume building, interview preparation, and networking workshops.

Duquesne University believes in the value of ethical and socially responsible internships. Many internships offered by the university focus on community engagement, sustainability, and social justice. Students have the opportunity to work with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and community initiatives, contributing to positive social change.

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Duquesne University also recognizes the importance of research-based internships. Through partnerships with faculty members and research centers, students can engage in cutting-edge research projects, contributing to advancements in their respective fields. These research internships foster intellectual curiosity and help students develop analytical and problem-solving skills.

Duquesne University internships provide students with invaluable experiences that complement their academic learning. The university’s emphasis on hands-on experience, personal growth, ethical engagement, and research opportunities sets the stage for students to thrive in their future careers. By participating in internships, students develop the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to succeed in their chosen fields and make a positive impact on society.

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