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An internship at Engie presents an opportunity for students seeking an environment within the energy sector. Engie, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, offers internships that go beyond traditional roles, providing hands-on experience in cutting-edge projects that go to the transition towards a low-carbon future.

Engie’s internship programs are created to doup participants in a diverse range of activities, fostering a holistic understanding of the energy industry. Interns are exposed to real-world challenges and are encouraged to contribute their fresh perspectives to find innovative solutions. Whether working on renewable energy projects, energy efficiency initiatives, or exploring the latest advancements in technology.


One key aspect of an Engie internship is the emphasis on sustainability. Engie is at the forefront of the global energy transition, and interns play a crucial role in driving forward the company’s commitment to sustainable practices. Interns may find themselves involved in developing and implementing renewable energy strategies, optimizing energy consumption, or participating in research and development projects focused on emerging clean technologies.

Engie values diversity and inclusion, and its internship programs reflect this commitment. Interns have the opportunity to work with professionals from various backgrounds and disciplines, creating a rich learning environment. The company recognizes the importance of promoting talent and provides mentorship to guide interns in their professional development.

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Engie’s global presence allows interns to work on projects with an international impact. Engie operates in numerous countries, providing interns with the chance to gain a global perspective on energy challenges and solutions. This exposure goes to a well-rounded experience that prepares interns for a career in the ever-evolving energy sector.

The internship at Engie is a way to a world of opportunities within the sustainable energy landscape. It offers a hands-on experience, a commitment to sustainability, a diverse and inclusive environment, and exposure to global energy challenges.

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