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Equinor a Norwegian-based global energy titan, extends an extraordinary internship program that presents a distinctive experience for candidates and scholars yearning to be there in the energy sphere.

Equinor stands resolute at the vanguard of the shift towards a more eco-friendly energy tomorrow. Interns at Equinor are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with a company deeply dedicated to mitigating carbon emissions and propelling forward renewable energy technologies, conferring an overarching sense of purpose.


Equinor proffers internships across a multifarious spectrum of departments, spanning from engineering and technology to finance and marketing. This variegation facilitates interns in the exploration of diverse facets of the energy industry, rendering it an ideal platform for personal and vocational evolution.

Equinor internships aren’t characterized by mundane tasks or perfunctory chores but by affording practical experience replete with purpose. Interns are frequently entrusted with projects bearing palpable real-world consequences, contributing to the company’s objectives and the overarching sustainability paradigm.

Equinor’s expansive global network within the energy sector opens up opportunities for interns to interface with professionals, attend industry gatherings, and broaden their horizons. These connections can prove invaluable for subsequent career prospects.

As a multinational conglomerate, Equinor operates across numerous nations. Interns may have the prospect of partaking in projects of global purview, yielding insights into the operational dynamics of the energy sector on a worldwide scale.

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To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


The Equinor internship furnishes far more than just a transient occupation. It furnishes an exceptional occasion to partake in a company with a lofty mission, acquire hands-on experience, and cultivate indispensable skills for a career in the energy sector. For those fervent about sustainability and zealous about leaving an indelible mark on the world, an Equinor internship can indeed serve as a stellar launchpad for a gratifying and consequential expedition in the energy industry.

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