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FC Cincinnati, a professional soccer team based in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers a variety of exciting internship opportunities for individuals passionate about sports and eager to gain valuable experience in the sports industry. These internships provide a unique chance to be part of a dynamic organization while developing essential skills for future career prospects.

As a marketing intern, you’ll collaborate with the marketing team to create and implement marketing strategies, manage social media accounts, and assist in game-day promotions. This role offers hands-on experience in promoting a sports team and engaging with fans.


If you’re interested in sales and customer relations, a ticket sales internship with FC Cincinnati could be your ideal fit. You’ll learn to sell tickets, build relationships with season ticket holders, and participate in outreach events to boost ticket sales.

As a community relations intern, you’ll engage with the local community through various programs and initiatives. This role involves coordinating events, working with local schools, and assisting in charitable efforts, demonstrating the team’s commitment to its community.

These internships focus on the logistics and day-to-day operations of the team and its facilities. Interns may help with stadium management, game-day operations, and facility maintenance.

If you have a passion for video production and editing, this internship offers a chance to work with the team’s video crew. You’ll assist in filming practices, games, and promotional content, gaining valuable experience in sports media production.

As a graphic design intern, you’ll work on creating visually appealing content for various platforms, including social media, merchandise, and promotional materials, contributing to the team’s branding efforts.

For those interested in sports analytics, FC Cincinnati offers internships focused on data analysis. You’ll delve into player performance statistics, game strategies, and fan engagement data, helping the team make data-driven decisions.

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Get hands-on experience in sports journalism, public relations, and digital media by assisting the team’s communications department with press releases, content creation, and media relations.

These internships typically vary in duration and may be available year-round or seasonally. FC Cincinnati’s commitment to developing young talent means that interns receive mentorship and guidance throughout their tenure.

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