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Florida Aquarium Internships In 2024

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The Florida Aquarium is a hub for marine preservation and education, providing encounters to nurture an understanding of aquatic life. Internship openings at the Florida Aquarium offer experiences for marine biologists, conservationists, and enthusiasts deeply committed to marine ecosystems.

An internship stint at the Florida Aquarium provides a multifaceted avenue for experiential learning, professional advancement, and substantive contributions to marine conservation. This opportunity serves as a gateway for acquiring practical knowledge across diverse facets of aquarium operations, research endeavors, and educational initiatives.


Interns at the Florida Aquarium engage in varied responsibilities tailored to their interests and career aspirations. These include tending to animal welfare, aiding aquarists in feeding routines, maintaining habitats, and ensuring the overall health of a diverse array of marine species. The hands-on involvement in animal care and husbandry imparts invaluable skills essential for pursuing a career in marine biology or related disciplines.

Moreover, interns collaborate with research teams, actively participating in ongoing projects designed to comprehend and safeguard marine ecosystems. This involvement enables interns to contribute meaningfully to scientific inquiry, gaining insights into the intricate dynamics of marine life and the formidable challenges confronting their natural habitats.

Furthermore, the Florida Aquarium internship offers a distinctive chance for educational outreach. Interns may actively interact with visitors, conducting guided tours and educational programs, thereby sharing their expertise and passion for marine conservation. This facet of the internship nurtures communication skills and the capacity to inspire others to value and safeguard our oceans.

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Prospective candidates for the Florida Aquarium internship should showcase an unwavering zeal for marine conservation, a keen receptiveness to learning, and adeptness in collaborating within a team-based environment. While academic background and prior experience are factors, a genuine ardor for marine life and a steadfast commitment to its conservation hold significant weight.

The internship stint at the Florida Aquarium is an experience, offering a comprehensive and immersive opportunity to get into the realm of marine science, conservation, and education. It gives students the skills, knowledge, and ardor necessary to effectuate a profound impact in safeguarding our oceans for future generations.

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