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FM Global, a premier commercial property insurer, presents captivating internships for burgeoning professionals eager to plunge into the realms of risk management, engineering, and pioneering solutions. Tracing its roots back to 1835, FM Global consistently spearheads state-of-the-art initiatives to aid businesses in safeguarding their assets against a gamut of risks, encompassing fires, natural calamities, and unforeseen contingencies.

Interning at FM Global unfolds as an extraordinary and metamorphic venture, blending immersive learning, mentorship, and exposure to tangible challenges. The internship initiative is created to furnish students with a grasp of the insurance sphere while honing their prowess in risk engineering and management. In a succinct narrative, let’s explore the salient facets that render FM Global internships truly exceptional.

Tangible Learning

The crux of FM Global’s internship ethos revolves around a commitment to pragmatic, hands-on learning. Interns aren’t relegated to passive observation but are actively enmeshed in projects contributing to the company’s mission of loss prevention. This modus operandi allows interns to translate theoretical acumen into real-world scenarios, cultivating a profound of risk management tenets.


FM Global acutely comprehends the role of mentorship in sculpting prospective professionals. Interns are aligned with seasoned mentors who proffer guidance, dispense insights, and furnish constructive feedback. This paradigm not only facilitates skill augmentation but also forges a nurturing milieu for interns to probe their interests and potential career trajectories within the company.

Innovative Fervor

As a bastion of innovation, FM Global actively foments interns to cogitate creatively and contribute novel perspectives. Interns are afforded opportunities to get with projects entailing avant-garde technologies and methodologies, ensconcing them within the company’s relentless pursuit of staying at the vanguard of the industry.

Global Vista

FM Global’s purview spans the entire globe, endowing interns with an authentically international sojourn. Exposure to a tapestry of cultures, business modalities, and risk landscapes enriches the internship, broadening interns’ outlooks and priming them for the challenges of a globalized milieu.

Values-Driven Ethos:

FM Global ardently adheres to a set of core values accentuating integrity, reciprocal respect, and corporate responsibility. Interns assimilate into a culture that places a premium on ethical business practices and corporate stewardship, instilling in them a sense of conscientiousness and mission.

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