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A Greenhill internship presents a singular opportunity for budding finance enthusiasts to amass invaluable experience in the realm of investment banking. Typically spanning 10-12 weeks during the summer, this internship initiative is celebrated for its exacting tutelage, mentorship, and immersion in high-profile financial transactions.

During the Greenhill internship, interns are immersed in various facets of investment banking, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital mobilization, and financial advisory services. They work closely with seasoned professionals and are afforded the opportunity to contribute substantively to genuine client undertakings.


The internship commences with exhaustive training modules encompassing intricate financial modeling, sophisticated valuation methodologies, incisive industry scrutiny, and the foundational tenets of investment banking. Interns are equipped with the acumen and expertise essential to thrive in the demanding realm of finance.

Interns are steeped in a high-velocity, cooperative milieu wherein they are tasked with multifarious assignments and engage with clients and colleagues in equal measure. They assist in conducting erudite research, crafting compelling presentations, and dissecting financial data to underpin pivotal decision-making processes.

Greenhill accords substantial weight to collaboration, and interns have the occasion to synergize with colleagues hailing from diverse echelons of the organization. This forges a sense of esprit de corps and aids in the construction of a robust professional network.

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To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


Upon the denouement of the internship, interns receive comprehensive appraisals of their performance and frequently have the opportunity to vie for a permanent role. Many accomplished Greenhill interns subsequently embark on careers within the firm as analysts or associates, inaugurating promising trajectories in the realm of finance.

The Greenhill internship is a dynamic and exacting expedition that confers upon nascent finance enthusiasts the expertise, acumen, and connections requisite for thriving in the echelons of investment banking.

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