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HarperCollins is a renowned publishing company that offers internships to aspiring individuals seeking hands-on experience in the publishing industry. A HarperCollins internship provides valuable insights into various aspects of the publishing process, from manuscript acquisition to marketing and distribution. This article delves into the details of a HarperCollins internship, highlighting its benefits and what interns can expect from the experience.

HarperCollins, established in 1989, is one of the largest publishing houses in the world. It boasts an extensive catalog of books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature, and academic publications. The company has a rich history of producing bestsellers and nurturing the careers of numerous authors.

An internship with HarperCollins offers a unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge and industry exposure. The company accepts interns from diverse backgrounds, including English and literature majors, marketing and communications students, graphic designers, and aspiring editors. Interns are typically assigned to a specific department based on their skills and interests, such as editorial, marketing, publicity, sales, or digital media.

Main Department

The editorial department is at the heart of the publishing process, and interns working in this area are involved in tasks like reading and evaluating manuscripts, providing feedback to authors, conducting research, and participating in editorial meetings. This hands-on experience allows interns to understand the process of transforming a raw manuscript into a published book.

Marketing and publicity interns contribute to creating and executing marketing strategies to promote HarperCollins titles. They assist in developing social media campaigns, organizing author events, conducting market research, and drafting press releases. This exposure equips interns with essential skills in book promotion and audience engagement.

Sales interns work closely with the sales team, learning about the distribution process and developing relationships with bookstores and other retail outlets. They assist in analyzing sales data, creating sales presentations, and participating in meetings with potential clients. This experience provides valuable insights into the business side of publishing and the importance of effective sales strategies.


Digital media interns delve into the world of e-books, audiobooks, and online platforms. They collaborate on digital marketing initiatives, create engaging content for social media platforms, and assist in managing HarperCollins’ online presence. This internship offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of digital publishing and the impact of technology on the industry.

Throughout the internship, HarperCollins provides guidance and mentorship to interns, fostering a supportive learning environment. Interns have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced professionals, gaining industry insights and valuable networking connections. The internship program often includes workshops, training sessions, and networking events, further enhancing interns’ knowledge and skills.

Apart from the valuable experience gained, a HarperCollins internship can lead to future career opportunities. The publishing industry highly values hands-on experience, and having HarperCollins on one’s resume can open doors to various career paths, including editorial positions, marketing roles, literary agent positions, and more.

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Online Apply

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A HarperCollins internship offers aspiring publishing professionals an invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience and insights into the publishing industry. From working closely with industry professionals to engaging in real-world publishing tasks, interns acquire a comprehensive understanding of the intricate processes involved in bringing books to the market.

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