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HKS Architects, renowned for its innovative and sustainable design solutions, offers an internship program that provides aspiring architects with a unique and enriching experience. Aspiring architects seeking to enhance their skills and contribute to cutting-edge projects find HKS Architects to be an ideal platform.

The internship at HKS Architects is a journey that combines hands-on experience with industry leaders. Interns are doup in a vibrant and diverse work environment where they have the opportunity to engage in real-world projects, gaining experience in the architectural profession.


During the internship, participants have the chance to work closely with architects on a variety of projects spanning different scales and typologies. This enables interns to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, refining their design skills and understanding of project management.

The mentorship component of the internship is a key highlight. Interns are paired with experienced architects who guide them through the intricacies of the profession. This not only accelerates the learning curve but also establishes a strong foundation for professional relationships. The spirit at HKS Architects ensures that interns are not just spectators but active contributors to the firm’s success.

HKS Architects places a strong emphasis on responsible design, challenging interns to think critically about the environmental impact of their work. This focus on sustainability aligns with the industry’s evolving priorities and gives interns a forward-thinking mindset.

In addition to project work, HKS Architects organizes workshops, lectures, and site visits to provide a holistic learning experience. These events expose interns to a broad spectrum of architectural disciplines and create an appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of the profession. Networking opportunities abound, allowing interns to connect with professionals from various fields within the architecture and design community.

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The internship at HKS Architects is not just about honing technical skills; it’s about developing a holistic understanding of the architectural profession. Interns emerge from the program with a portfolio of diverse projects, a network of industry connections, and a newfound confidence in their abilities. The experience at HKS Architects sets the stage for a successful career in architecture and instills a passion for creating spaces that inspire and endure.

The HKS Architects internship is a journey for architects, providing an environment where creativity and sustainability converge. Through experience with industry leaders, interns at HKS Architects are trained with the skills and mindset needed for a successful and impactful career in architecture.

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