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IFAD Internships In 2024 Available For Students

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Internship Program presents an invaluable opportunity for burgeoning professionals and scholars to amass hands-on expertise in the realm of global development, with a specific focus on agribusiness and rural advancement.

The IFAD Internship Program is an exquisitely competitive endeavor meticulously crafted to nurture the forthcoming cadre of development practitioners and connoisseurs. IFAD, a specialized organ of the United Nations, is ardently committed to extirpating rural indigence and catalyzing sustainable agrarian progress in the most destitute regions of the world. To actualize these lofty aspirations, IFAD relies upon a mosaic of individuals hailing from sundry backgrounds, individuals deeply entrenched in a resolute commitment to ushering in positive transformations in the existences of rural communities.


Typically spanning a duration of six months to a year, the IFAD internship is an immersive experience wherein interns are steeped in the day-to-day machinations of IFAD’s operations. This engagement affords interns the singular privilege of toiling alongside seasoned professionals and savants in the domain, conferring upon them invaluable insights into the multifarious challenges and prospects attendant to rural development in emerging economies.

One of the cardinal boons of the IFAD Internship Program lies in the opportunity to partake in substantial, hands-on endeavors. Interns are tasked with an array of projects and assignments, encompassing research undertakings, data crunching, project implementation, and contributions to the formulation of policy blueprints. This pragmatic engagement equips interns with a holistic comprehension of the intricacies inherent to international development labor.

The IFAD Internship Program is an incubator for a global mindset. Interns congregate from disparate ethnicities and cultures, bequeathing the workspace with an eclectic and inclusive milieu. This milieu does not solely burnish one’s intercultural adeptness but also widens the purview, rendering interns more efficacious as cosmopolitan denizens and practitioners.

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In addition, IFAD invests ardently in the professional progression of its interns. Mentoring and counsel are extended to interns from the venerated professionals ensconced within the organization, thereby aiding in the honing of their competencies and formulation of career trajectories. IFAD’s commitment to bolstering capacity development further extends to orchestrating workshops, symposiums, and tutelage sessions, assuring that interns are primed to surmount the conundrums that rural development proffers.

To qualify for the IFAD Internship Program, aspirants must adhere to specific eligibility standards. Typically, candidates should be enrolled in a postgraduate program or have freshly graduated from one. They ought to evince a robust academic pedigree, stellar communication skills in English (and preferably another UN language), and an authentic ardor for rural development and the amelioration of impoverishment.

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