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Institute Of Economic Affairs Internship In 2024

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The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) offers an unparalleled internship experience that is both unique and distinctive. This prestigious think tank, headquartered in London, is dedicated to the dissemination of avant-garde free-market ideologies and the facilitation of erudite discourse on economic and sociopolitical matters.

IEA internships furnish an exceptional opportunity for individuals intrigued by economics, public policy, and pioneering research. These internships typically span several months, affording interns the prospect of acquiring hands-on experience while collaborating closely with eminent luminaries in the field.


Interns at IEA partake in a kaleidoscope of research endeavors. These undertakings often grapple with pressing economic quandaries, ranging from fiscal policy and regulatory frameworks to healthcare reform and environmental economics.

The IEA is unwavering in its commitment to nurturing nascent talents. Interns are bestowed with sagacious guidance from accomplished economists and erudite researchers, culminating in the augmentation of their analytical and critical cogitation acumen.

IEA’s immeasurable standing as a vanguard in the realm of economics unveils boundless vistas for networking with policymakers, luminaries in academia, and titans of industry. Interns partake in seminars, conferences, and roundtable colloquia, exponentially augmenting their professional nexus.

Projects And Experience

Interns aren’t relegated to passive observers but are actively engrossed in empirical research projects, contributing their sagacious insights and analytical prowess to policy reports and publications, thereby potentially shaping policy trajectories and public discourses.

IEA orchestrates symposia and didactic workshops for interns, featuring ruminations on economic paradigms, public policy intricacies, and their real-world applications. This wellspring of wisdom is an invaluable resource for those ardently interested in the domain.

IEA ardently engages in shaping policy deliberations. Interns may be accorded the privilege of participating in advocacy campaigns, including the drafting of policy prescriptions and the coalescence of persuasive op-eds with far-reaching readership.

Environment And Work

The IEA bequeaths interns with unfettered access to an expansive repository of economic treatises and research tools, thus engendering an environment conducive to erudition and exploration.

Exemplary research efforts by interns may culminate in the coveted opportunity of co-authoring published papers or reports, bestowing upon them prestigious laurels and enriching their scholarly and vocational pedigrees.

The IEA’s purview transcends the boundaries of the UK, permitting interns to scrutinize economic tribulations from a global perspective, thereby broadening their apprehension of international economic vicissitudes.

The IEA fervently advocates laissez-faire tenets and restrained governmental interventions, affording interns a distinctive perspective and the occasion to engage in dialectics concerning the merits and demerits of diverse economic paradigms.

IEA wholeheartedly encourages autonomous thinking and incisive analysis. Interns are granted the latitude to probe their own research fascinations and contribute valiantly to the institution’s overarching mission.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


The IEA’s intellectually vibrant milieu is a crucible that kindles a fervor for economics and public policy. It’s a domain where interns are not only encouraged but spurred to pose inquisitive queries, challenge established postulates, and seek innovative panaceas to intricate quandaries.

An internship at the Institute of Economic Affairs is a critical sojourn for anyone impassioned by economics and public policy. It proffers an exceptional amalgamation of research, professional cultivation, and advocacy prospects, all within a supportive and intellectually galvanizing milieu. This experience trains interns with the erudition and dexterity requisite for making an indelible imprint in the realm of economics and policy formulation.

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