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International Justice Mission Internship In 2024

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International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization focused on combating human trafficking, modern-day slavery, violence against women and children, and other forms of injustice. Internships at IJM can provide valuable experiences for individuals interested in pursuing a career in human rights, law, social work, or related fields.

  1. Mission and Focus Areas: IJM’s mission revolves around protecting the poor from violence by partnering with local authorities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. Interns typically get involved in various facets of this mission, focusing on legal advocacy, social work, policy research, or administrative support.
  2. Internship Roles: Interns at IJM may engage in diverse tasks, including research, data analysis, assisting in legal casework, supporting survivor aftercare, advocacy efforts, fundraising, communications, and administrative tasks. The specific responsibilities can vary depending on the department or country where the internship is located.
  3. Training and Development: IJM often provides training sessions and workshops to equip interns with the necessary skills and knowledge relevant to their roles. This might include sessions on human rights law, trauma-informed care, case management, or advocacy strategies.
  4. Field Experience: In some cases, interns may have opportunities to visit field offices or accompany staff on fieldwork. This firsthand exposure can be eye-opening and deeply impactful, offering a real understanding of the challenges and victories in the fight against injustice.
  5. Learning Experience: Working at IJM provides a chance to contribute to meaningful projects, impact the lives of survivors, and witness the process of justice in action. It’s a valuable learning experience, offering insights into the complexities of combating injustice globally.
  6. Challenges and Rewards: Working in the field of human rights and social justice can be emotionally challenging due to the nature of the issues involved. However, the rewards of making a positive impact on vulnerable communities and seeing tangible changes can be incredibly fulfilling.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


It’s crucial to note that specifics about internships, including application processes, duration, locations, and requirements, can vary based on the specific internship program offered by IJM at the time. Interested individuals should refer to IJM’s official website or directly contact the organization for the most current and detailed information about their internship opportunities.

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