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Ithaca College offers a myriad of exciting internship opportunities for students seeking real-world experience and professional development. With a strong emphasis on experiential learning, Ithaca College partners with a wide range of organizations, from local businesses to multinational corporations, to provide students with hands-on experiences that complement their academic studies.

One of the standout features of internships at Ithaca College is the diversity of fields available. Whether you’re interested in business, media, healthcare, education, or the arts, there’s an internship opportunity that aligns with your passions and career goals. Students have the chance to work with industry professionals, gaining insights and skills that set them apart in the competitive job market.


Students are encouraged to take on meaningful projects, contribute ideas, and work with teams to solve real-world challenges. This hands-on approach not only enhances students’ learning but also allows them to build a professional network and gain references for future career opportunities.

Ithaca College’s strong connections with the local community and beyond ensure that students have access to a wide range of internship placements. From startups and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, students can choose from a diverse array of organizations to gain valuable experience and make meaningful contributions.

Moreover, Ithaca College provides robust support services for students throughout their internship journey. Career advisors help students identify and apply for internships that align with their interests and skills. Once students secure internships, they receive guidance on professional etiquette, networking, and career development to maximize their experience and prepare for future success.

For students interested in internships during the academic year, Ithaca College offers flexible options to accommodate their schedules. Whether it’s part-time internships during the semester or full-time internships during breaks, students can tailor their experiences to fit their needs and academic requirements.

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Internships at Ithaca College go beyond traditional work experiences. Students are encouraged to reflect on their learning, connect their internship experiences to their academic coursework, and leverage their skills and knowledge for future endeavors.

Ithaca College’s internship programs offer students an experience that combines academic learning with real-world application. With a diverse range of opportunities, strong support services, and a focus on experiential learning, Ithaca College prepares students for success in their careers and beyond.

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