Kansas City Zoo Internships

Kansas City Zoo Internships In 2024

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Internships at the Kansas City Zoo offer experiences for individuals passionate about wildlife conservation, education, and zoology. These programs provide learning opportunities that authorize students to improve practical skills, knowledge, and an understanding of the workings of a modern zoo.

The Kansas City Zoo, situated in Swope Park, serves as an educational hub, conservation center, and recreation spot for visitors. Its internships go to a range of interests, spanning animal care, education, research, conservation, and administration.


One of the primary focuses of internships at the zoo is animal care. Interns involved in this aspect work alongside experienced keepers to learn about the daily routines of caring for a range of species. From feeding and enrichment to habitat maintenance and health checks, interns gain hands-on experience and insight into the complexities of animal husbandry.

Furthermore, the zoo emphasizes the importance of education and outreach. Interns in education programs working to create and present educational materials, assisting with public events, and interacting with visitors to create an understanding of wildlife conservation and biology. This not only enhances their communication skills but also provides a platform to inspire others about the importance of preserving our natural world.

The Kansas City Zoo is actively involved in conservation efforts both locally and globally. Interns may participate in research projects aimed at species preservation, data collection, or habitat restoration. They might work with conservation specialists to understand the challenges facing endangered species and contribute to conservation initiatives through various means, including fundraising or public awareness campaigns.

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Internships at the Kansas City Zoo are created to be comprehensive, and rewarding experiences. They provide a platform for students to develop crucial skills, build professional networks, and gain a deeper appreciation for wildlife and conservation. The knowledge and experiences gained during these internships often serve as a solid foundation for pursuing careers in zoology, conservation biology, environmental education, or related fields.

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