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Linklaters Internship In 2024 Accessible To Students

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A Linklater’s internship offers an experience in one of the world’s leading law firms. Linklaters, renowned for its global presence and expertise in corporate law, finance, and commercial matters, provides interns with a unique opportunity to gain insights into the legal industry’s inner workings.

During a Linklater internship, participants are exposed to a diverse range of legal cases and transactions, enabling them to observe and contribute to real-world projects. Interns often collaborate with seasoned lawyers and professionals, obtaining hands-on experience in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, banking, and dispute resolution. This exposure not only hones their legal skills but also provides a broader understanding of how multinational businesses navigate complex legal challenges.


Interns also benefit from the firm’s supportive learning environment. Linklaters is committed to nurturing talent, and its internship program reflects this ethos. Interns have access to workshops, seminars, and training sessions that enhance their legal knowledge and professional development. They gain insights into the firm’s culture, values, and client-centric approach, which are integral to Linklaters’ reputation.

Furthermore, a Linklater internship offers networking opportunities that can be pivotal in building a successful legal career. Interns connect with lawyers, partners, and peers from around the world, creating a global professional network. This exposure not only provides mentorship possibilities but also insights into the multifaceted nature of legal practice across different jurisdictions.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


To secure a Linklater internship, candidates often undergo a competitive selection process, showcasing their academic achievements, legal acumen, and interpersonal skills. The firm seeks candidates who exhibit not only strong analytical thinking but also a genuine passion for the legal field and a collaborative spirit.

A Linklater’s internship stands as a remarkable way for aspiring legal professionals. It offers an in-depth understanding of complex legal matters, a supportive learning environment, and access to a prestigious global network. Those fortunate enough to partake in this internship gain not only valuable skills but also a glimpse into the dynamic realm of international corporate law.

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