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Minnesota Wild Internships In 2024

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Minnesota Wild, a professional ice hockey team based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, offers a range of exciting internship opportunities for aspiring sports enthusiasts. These internships provide a unique chance to dive into the world of sports management, marketing, and operations while gaining hands-on experience with a respected NHL franchise.

As a Game Operations intern, you’ll play a role in creating an unforgettable fan experience at home games. You’ll assist in executing various game day activities, ensuring smooth operations, and contributing to the electric atmosphere of the Xcel Energy Center.

The Marketing and Promotions internship offers the chance to work on marketing campaigns, social media initiatives, and promotional events. You’ll help build the Wild’s brand, engage with fans, and develop valuable skills in sports marketing.


The Community Relations interns work closely with the Wild’s outreach programs, partnering with local organizations, and participating in community events. This role allows you to give back to the community while learning about the essential role sports teams play in civic engagement.

If you’re interested in the business side of sports, the Sales and Service internship is a great fit. You’ll gain experience in ticket sales, client relations, and customer service, essential skills for any career in sports management.

Public Relations interns assist in managing media relations, creating press releases, and developing communication strategies. You’ll learn how to build and protect a sports team’s image in the public eye.

If you’re passionate about the game itself, the Hockey Operations internship offers insight into player development, scouting, and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into building a competitive NHL team.

Benefits of a Minnesota Wild Internship:

  • Networking Opportunities: Working with the Wild allows you to connect with professionals in the sports industry, potentially opening doors for future job opportunities.
  • Skill Development: You’ll gain practical experience that enhances your resume and prepares you for a career in sports management.
  • Exposure to NHL Operations: Hockey fans dream of getting a behind-the-scenes look at an NHL team. As a Wild intern, you’ll be living that dream.
  • Career Exploration: Internships offer a unique chance to explore different facets of the sports industry, helping you determine which area suits you best.
  • Team Spirit: There’s a special camaraderie among sports fans, and as a Wild intern, you’ll be part of a passionate community that supports their team through thick and thin.

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The Minnesota Wild internship is a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your career in the sports industry. Whether you’re interested in game operations, marketing, community engagement, sales, public relations, or hockey operations, the Wild offers a diverse range of internship options that will help you grow personally and professionally. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the Wild family and make lasting memories in the world of sports.

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