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Moelis & Company Internship In 2024 Current Unfoldings

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Moelis & Company, a global investment bank, presents a prestigious internship program that offers burgeoning finance enthusiasts a start into the sphere of investment banking. Moelis boasts a stellar reputation for its involvement in high-impact mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring endeavors. As an intern, you will be intimately involved in actual transactions, contributing to intricate financial appraisals, pitch presentations, and due diligence procedures. This involvement provides a crash course in the intricacies of investment banking.


Beyond day-to-day responsibilities, Moelis invests in your holistic development. Interns partake in an array of training programs and workshops, acquiring insights into financial modeling, industry analysis, and effective communication skills. These resources empower interns to flourish in their roles.

Moelis interns interact with professionals at various echelons within the organization. This exposure furnishes a unique opportunity to cultivate a robust professional network, which can be instrumental in future career peregrinations.

Moelis operates on a global scale, affording interns exposure to international markets and multifaceted transactions. This global outlook is indispensable in navigating today’s interwoven financial milieu.

Fine Points

Anticipate engaging with formidable and consequential projects that demand critical cogitation and adept problem-solving acumen. Moelis provides an environment that not only encourages interns to stretch their limits but also propels them to thrive.

Moelis underscores the importance of corporate philanthropy. Interns frequently participate in community outreach initiatives, nurturing a sense of corporate social responsibility.

Many Moelis interns ascend to coveted full-time positions within the firm upon graduation. The internship serves as a potential springboard to a gratifying career in finance.

Moelis & Company boasts an illustrious legacy and commands respect within the finance sector. An internship here not only furnishes exposure but also adds a prestigious imprimatur to your curriculum vitae.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


The Moelis & Company internship represents an opportunity for budding finance aficionados to submerge themselves in the domain of investment banking. The coaching, tangible transactional experience, inclusive culture, and manifold professional development prospects render this internship a Kickoff stage for a triumphant career in finance. If you seek a challenging expedition within the epicenter of the financial universe, Moelis & Company stands as an irresistible choice.

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