Monterey Bay Aquarium Internships In 2024 Fresh Beginnings

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The Monterey Bay Aquarium has career prospects for students eager to get in into marine science, conservation, education, and research. The aquarium’s internship programs provide hands-on experience and an understanding of various aspects of marine biology and conservation.

These internships cater to a diverse array of interests and academic backgrounds. Whether your focus lies in marine mammal behavior, sea otter conservation, sustainable seafood, or public outreach, there’s an internship to match your aspirations. The programs typically span various durations, from summer internships lasting several months to shorter, more specialized programs.


One prominent internship offered at the Monterey Bay Aquarium involves the Husbandry Internship, where give in daily animal care routines, learn about exhibit maintenance, assist in feeding schedules, and contribute to animal health assessments. This experience allows interns to work with diverse marine species, gaining invaluable insights into their behavior, husbandry, and conservation needs.

For those interested in education and outreach, the Education Internship provides opportunities to engage with visitors, assist in developing educational programs, and facilitate interactive experiences that promote marine conservation awareness. This internship hones communication skills and cultivates an understanding of effective science communication strategies.

The Conservation and Policy Internship has a perspective of participants in environmental policy, advocacy, and conservation initiatives. Interns may work on projects related to sustainable fisheries, ocean conservation policy, or community-based conservation efforts, gaining practical experience in driving positive environmental change.

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Applicants for these internships often benefit from a background in marine biology, environmental science, education, or related fields. However, a genuine passion for marine conservation and a willingness to learn are equally important attributes.

Interns at the Monterey Bay Aquarium not only gain valuable professional skills but also become part of a community dedicated to preserving marine ecosystems and inspiring global conservation action.

The internships offered at the Monterey Bay Aquarium provide an experience for aspiring marine biologists, conservationists, educators, and researchers, offering a way to a fulfilling career in marine science while contributing to the vital cause of ocean conservation.

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