National Endowment For Democracy Internship In 2024

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The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) offers a prestigious internship program that provides invaluable opportunities for young individuals interested in democracy promotion, international affairs, and civic engagement. Established in 1983, the NED is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting democracy around the world through various initiatives, including grants, research, and advocacy. The NED internship is a highly competitive and rewarding experience, attracting applicants from diverse backgrounds and fields of study.

Interns at the NED gain hands-on experience working with experts in the field of democracy promotion. The internship program typically lasts for a duration of three to six months, and it is divided into various departments, each specializing in different aspects of democracy-building efforts.


Grants and Fellowships: Interns in this department assist in the selection and management of grants awarded to organizations promoting democracy globally. They learn about the importance of funding grassroots movements, civil society organizations, and media outlets to foster democratic change.

International Forum for Democratic Studies: Interns in this department engage in research projects, publications, and events that explore democratic challenges and innovations. They have the opportunity to collaborate with renowned scholars and experts in the democracy field.

Government Relations and Public Affairs: Interns in this department work on outreach and advocacy efforts, helping to strengthen support for democracy promotion within the U.S. government and among the public. They engage in activities like drafting reports, organizing events, and liaising with congressional offices.

Information Technology: Interns in the IT department assist with the maintenance of NED’s technological infrastructure, helping to ensure the organization’s digital operations run smoothly and securely.

Human Resources: Interns in HR contribute to the recruitment process, assist with employee onboarding, and gain insight into the management of a non-profit organization’s personnel.

Finance and Administration: Interns in this department are exposed to budgeting, financial reporting, and administrative tasks, gaining a deeper understanding of the financial aspects of democracy promotion.

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Throughout the internship, participants engage in a range of activities, such as conducting research, writing reports, attending seminars and workshops, and participating in team meetings. They also have the opportunity to attend events featuring prominent figures in the world of democracy and international affairs.

The National Endowment for Democracy internship program is a unique and prestigious opportunity for individuals who aspire to contribute to the advancement of democracy on a global scale. It offers a multifaceted experience that combines research, advocacy, and practical engagement, making it an excellent stepping stone for a career in international affairs and democracy promotion.

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