Nelnet Internships In 2024 New Openings

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Nelnet is a leading education finance and services company that offers a wide range of products and solutions to help students and families achieve their educational goals. As part of their commitment to fostering talent and providing valuable learning experiences, Nelnet offers internships to students who are interested in gaining practical skills and knowledge in the field of education finance.

Nelnet internships provide students with an opportunity to work in a dynamic and collaborative environment alongside experienced professionals. These internships are designed to give students a hands-on experience and exposure to the various aspects of the education finance industry, including student loans, loan servicing, payment processing, customer service, and more.

Departments & Guidance

Interns at Nelnet are assigned to different departments based on their skills, interests, and educational background. They have the chance to work on real projects, contribute to meaningful initiatives, and make a positive impact on the lives of students and families. Whether it’s developing new software applications, analyzing data to improve operational efficiency, or assisting with customer inquiries, interns are given responsibilities that align with their abilities and provide valuable learning opportunities.

Nelnet also recognizes the importance of mentorship and professional development. Throughout the internship program, interns receive guidance and support from experienced professionals who serve as mentors. These mentors help interns navigate their roles, offer career advice, and provide feedback to help them grow both personally and professionally.

The company values the unique perspectives and backgrounds of its employees and interns, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Interns have the opportunity to network with professionals from various disciplines, participate in team-building activities, and attend learning sessions to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


Nelnet internships often serve as a stepping stone for future career opportunities. The company recognizes the potential of talented interns and may offer full-time positions to those who excel during their internship. Even if interns do not secure permanent employment at Nelnet, the skills, experience, and professional network gained during the internship can greatly enhance their prospects in the education finance industry.

Nelnet internships provide students with a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in the education finance industry. Through meaningful projects, mentorship, and exposure to diverse workplace cultures, interns can develop their skills, expand their knowledge, and explore potential career paths. For students interested in pursuing a career in education finance, a Nelnet internship can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

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