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New York Historical Society Internship In 2024

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The New York Historical Society (NYHS) offers a captivating and enriching internship program that presents a distinctive opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the country of history and museum operations. With its illustrious history and unwavering dedication to conserving and disseminating the past, NYHS stands as a preeminent cultural institution in the heart of New York City.

The NYHS internship program is tailor-made for students and recent graduates with a fervor for history, art, culture, and pedagogy. In a mere span of a few months, interns gain invaluable experience that can shape their vocations and deepen their insight into New York’s multifarious past.


Interns at NYHS have the privilege of working in close collaboration with authorities in fields such as historiography, curatorial work, education, and collections management. This immersive experience enables interns to cultivate a diverse skill set, encompassing tasks like historical investigation, artifact cataloging, educational program design, and curatorial project assistance. The NYHS team is committed to nurturing talent and providing mentorship to aid interns in their professional and academic growth.

Interns have the opportunity to engage with primary source materials, rare manuscripts, photographs, and myriad other relics that illuminate the opulent history of New York and the United States. This distinctive experience empowers interns to make substantial contributions to ongoing research and exhibition curation.

Apart from their day-to-day responsibilities, interns partake in regular seminars and workshops, gaining insights into the inner workings of a distinguished cultural institution. These sessions encompass various facets of the museum field, including exhibit conceptualization, pedagogical programming, and the intricacies of preservation. Interns also have the chance to establish connections with professionals in the industry, broadening their horizons and potential career avenues.

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The internship at the New York Historical Society is a metamorphic experience that empowers individuals to explore their enthusiasm for history and the arts. It furnishes a dynamic and immersive milieu where interns can hone indispensable skills, engage with exceptional collections, and forge connections with luminaries in the field.

This opportunity not only molds careers but also gives a profound reverence for the resplendent history of New York City and the United States. This internship at NYHS serves as a portal to a future replete with limitless possibilities and an enduring connection to the vibrant tapestry of New York’s bygone eras.

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