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An internship with the Open Society Foundations provides a profound experience, immersing participants in the realms of social equality, advocating for human rights, and fostering global enlightenment. As a prominent global organization committed to cultivating open and inclusive societies, OSF offers a unique and specialized platform for interns to engage meaningfully. This engagement also allows them to gain practical and pragmatic insights into the fields of philanthropy and activism.

Throughout the duration of the internship, individuals are immersed in a dynamic and collaborative environment that nurtures both learning and personal growth. Interns actively participate in a wide array of projects and initiatives aimed at addressing pivotal issues such as democratic governance, instances of human rights violations, and the propagation of equality. By actively participating in these projects, interns acquire a firsthand understanding of the tangible impact that the organization’s efforts have on both local communities and the global stage.


A central element of the internship lies in the chance to closely get together with accomplished experts and virtuosos who are leading their respective fields. This mentorship offers invaluable guidance, providing a pathway to glean wisdom from individuals who have dedicated their careers to driving positive transformation. Interns are enthusiastically encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives and innovative ideas, fostering an environment that values creativity and exploration.

Interns also assume a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of OSF. This involvement ranges from conducting comprehensive research and analyses to assisting in the orchestration of events and projects. Through these experiences, interns develop a holistic understanding of the intricate tapestry that underpins the advancement of open societies. This comprehensive exposure trains them with skills that seamlessly transcend various professions and disciplines.

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To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


An OSF internship expands one’s global horizons. Teaming up with peers from diverse corners of the world exposes interns to varied cultures, viewpoints, and approaches to addressing societal challenges. This cross-cultural interaction enriches both their personal and vocational perspectives, contributing to their growth as global citizens who possess a nuanced comprehension of multifaceted issues.

In parallel with the professional journey, interns frequently engage in workshops, seminars, and discussions led by accomplished figures and practitioners. These platforms provide a broader context for unraveling the intricate complexities that OSF confronts, as well as the strategies deployed to drive change. These occasions inspire interns to critically analyze pressing global dilemmas and envision innovative frameworks for potential resolution.

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