Penn Museum Internships In 2024 Summer Internships

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The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, commonly known as the Penn Museum, offers a diverse range of internships providing experience for students and recent graduates interested in archaeology, anthropology, museum studies, conservation, education, and related fields. These internships are instrumental in offering practical learning opportunities and creating professional development within a renowned institution.

Overview of Penn Museum Internships

1. Varied Internship Opportunities:

  • Penn Museum offers internships in different departments such as Archaeology, Anthropology, Conservation, Education, Exhibition, Marketing, Public Relations, and more.
  • Each internship program has unique focuses, ranging from research-based to practical hands-on experiences.

2. Eligibility and Duration:

  • Internship eligibility typically includes undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates. Specific requirements may vary based on the internship position.
  • Duration varies from semester-long internships to shorter, more intensive programs.

3. Learning Objectives:

  • Interns engage in projects that contribute to the museum’s ongoing initiatives.
  • Opportunities to work closely with professionals, gaining mentorship and guidance in their chosen field.

4. Responsibilities and Projects:

  • Responsibilities may include assisting with research, cataloging artifacts, helping with educational programs, aiding in exhibition preparation, social media management, and other related tasks.
  • Some internships might involve fieldwork, providing hands-on experience in archaeological excavations or anthropological research.

5. Benefits for Interns:

  • Access to the museum’s resources, libraries, and collections.
  • Networking opportunities with experts in the field.
  • Valuable insights into museum operations and professional development workshops.

6. Application Process:

  • Typically, applicants submit their resume, cover letter, and sometimes letters of recommendation.
  • Some positions might require a portfolio or specific project proposal.

Example Internship Programs:

1. Archaeological Fieldwork Internship:

  • Involves hands-on experience in an ongoing archaeological excavation.
  • Participants learn field methods, artifact processing, and documentation.

2. Education and Outreach Internship:

  • Involvement in developing educational programs for schools and the public.
  • Assisting in workshops, tours, and educational events.

3. Conservation Internship:

  • Working with conservators on artifact preservation and restoration projects.
  • Learning conservation techniques and practices.

4. Exhibition and Curation Internship:

  • Assisting in the development and installation of museum exhibitions.
  • Researching and cataloging artifacts for display.

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Penn Museum’s internship programs cater to a broad spectrum of interests within the fields of archaeology, anthropology, museum studies, and related disciplines. These internships offer a rich learning environment, allowing participants to gain practical experience, develop essential skills, and make meaningful contributions to the museum’s endeavors.

Individuals seeking hands-on involvement in the preservation, study, and presentation of cultural heritage will find these internships immensely rewarding in shaping their professional careers. Applicants are encouraged to explore the specific internship offerings, align with their interests and career aspirations, and apply to gain invaluable experience at one of the world’s renowned archaeological and anthropological institutions.

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