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Internships at Plaid are not merely about accruing experience, they serve as a conduit to an array of avant-garde opportunities. Plaid, a trailblazing financial technology company, offers an and invigorating internship program meticulously crafted to empower students and recent graduates to reach their potential and contribute to groundbreaking projects in the fintech sphere.

Cutting-Edge Endeavors: Plaid stands at the vanguard of revolutionizing financial services through technology. Interns delve into cutting-edge endeavors that impact millions of users, ranging from forging new API features to fortifying data security protocols.

Culture of Ingenuity: At Plaid, ingenuity permeates every facet of our operations. Interns are encouraged to think expansively, challenge orthodoxies, and infuse fresh perspectives to propel the company’s growth and triumph.

Diverse and Inclusive Atmosphere: Plaid champions diversity and inclusivity. Our internship program welcomes students from varied backgrounds and cultivates an environment where everyone feels esteemed, valued, and empowered to express their authentic selves.

Internship Opportunities at Plaid:

Software Engineering Internship: Immerse yourself in the realm of software development, tackling scalable and resilient systems that underpin Plaid’s suite of products. From grappling with coding conundrums to collaborating on multifaceted projects, this internship beckons aspiring software engineers.

Product Management Internship: Traverse the intersection of technology and product strategy. Product management interns collaborate closely with multifunctional teams to delineate product roadmaps, solicit user feedback, and propel product innovation.

Data Science Internship: Unearth insights from data and catalyze data-informed decision-making. Data science interns harness machine learning algorithms, statistical analyses, and data visualization techniques to unravel intricate quandaries in finance and technology.

Business Development Internship: Embark on a hands-on odyssey in forging partnerships and augmenting Plaid’s market footprint. Business development interns collaborate with external stakeholders, conduct exhaustive market research, and pinpoint avenues for growth.

Design Internship: Merge creativity with user-centric design tenets. Design interns craft intuitive user interfaces, conduct rigorous user testing, and contribute to the aesthetic identity of Plaid’s products.

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