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Availing an internship at Politico represents an avenue for burgeoning journalists and political aficionados to go into the realm of political reporting and analysis. As a preeminent news outlet focused on politics and policy, Politico offers interns a chance to garner hands-on experience, refine their skills, and forge indispensable connections in the field.

Interning at Politico stands as an experience that grants a firsthand glimpse into the dynamic environment of political journalism. Throughout the internship program, interns are exposed to myriad facets of the media industry, encompassing reporting, editing, research, and multimedia production. They collaborate alongside seasoned journalists and editors, contributing to real-time news coverage, investigative pieces, and comprehensive analyses.

Fine Points

The internship typically spans a predetermined duration, providing interns with a structured curriculum aimed at augmenting their comprehension of political reporting. Interns may undergo rotations across various departments, gaining exposure to diverse realms such as congressional coverage, policy analysis, digital media, video production, and more. This comprehensive approach empowers interns to cultivate a versatile skill set and a holistic grasp of the media landscape.

Interns at Politico are not mere observers; they are integral participants in the newsroom. They proffer story ideas, conduct research, aid in fact-checking, and even wield the opportunity to craft articles under the tutelage of experienced mentors. This hands-on involvement facilitates the honing of their writing prowess, the acquisition of adeptness in navigating complex political subjects, and the refinement of their journalistic acumen.

Furthermore, interns frequently engage in editorial meetings, where they partake in discussions regarding ongoing news stories, share their insights, and glean insights into the decision-making processes underlying reporting and story curation. This exposure to the editorial workflow is invaluable in shaping interns’ perspectives on how news stories materialize and underscores the significance of precision and timeliness in journalism.

The internship at Politico isn’t solely about hard skills; it also underscores the development of soft skills crucial for success in any professional milieu. Interns learn to adeptly manage deadlines, collaborate effectively within a team, adapt to a work environment, and cultivate a robust work ethic—skills that are both transferable and highly coveted in any career trajectory.

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The internship at Politico is a gratifying and instructive journey for those impassioned by politics and journalism. It offers a comprehensive vista of the media landscape, furnishing hands-on tutelage, exposure to diverse realms of reporting, and ample networking opportunities. Interns depart with a reservoir of knowledge, practical skills, and a network of industry contacts that can catalyze a flourishing career in journalism and political reporting.

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