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Procore Internships In 2024 IT Company

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Procore Technologies is a leading provider of construction management software. Their internship programs offer opportunities for students to gain experience in various fields related to technology, business, and construction management.

Procore’s internship programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience while contributing to meaningful projects within the company. These internships typically span across departments such as software engineering, product management, marketing, sales, customer success, and more.


In the software engineering internship, students work with experienced developers and engineers on real-world projects that impact Procore’s platform and services. Interns have the opportunity to enhance their coding skills, and learn about software architecture. From building new features to optimizing existing code, interns play a crucial role in driving technological advancements at Procore.

Product management internships offer students the chance to doup themselves in the product development lifecycle. Interns work with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, prioritize features, and define product roadmaps. Through experience with agile methodologies and user research, interns gain insights into how products are conceptualized, built, and launched in a dynamic environment like Procore.

Sales internships offer students the opportunity to learn about sales strategies, customer relationship management, and the art of persuasion. Interns shadow sales representatives, participate in client meetings, and assist with lead generation efforts. By working closely with seasoned sales professionals, interns develop communication skills, negotiation tactics, and a customer-centric mindset essential for success in sales roles.

Customer success internships focus on ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. Interns support customer success managers in onboarding new clients, resolving issues, and gathering feedback. Through direct interactions with customers, interns gain insights into their needs and pain points, helping Procore improve its products and services continuously.

Procore’s internship programs offer students an opportunity to apply their skills in a real-world setting while learning from industry experts. Whether it’s software engineering, product management, marketing, sales, or customer success, Procore provides a supportive and dynamic environment where interns can thrive.

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