Rand Corporation Internship In 2024 New Openings

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The Rand Corporation, renowned for its contributions to policy analysis and research, offers an esteemed internship program that provides aspiring scholars and professionals with an invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world policy research and analysis.

Established in 1948, the Rand Corporation has consistently maintained a reputation for producing high-quality, objective research to inform decision-making across a wide range of sectors, including national security, health, education, and more. The Rand Corporation internship is a prestigious avenue for individuals to contribute to this legacy while refining their own skills and understanding of policy analysis.

Program Structure

The Rand Corporation internship was created to be a comprehensive and immersive experience. Interns are placed within various research teams, aligning with their educational background, skills, and interests. These teams delve into multifaceted issues and challenges faced by governments, organizations, and societies. Interns work side by side with experienced researchers, economists, political scientists, and other experts, gaining insights into methodologies, data analysis, and the intricate process of transforming raw information into actionable policy recommendations.

Learning and Skill Development

An internship at Rand Corporation is more than just a line on a resume; it’s a genuine learning experience. Interns are exposed to the organization’s multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving, which encourages collaboration between experts from different fields. This environment fosters the development of critical thinking, analytical prowess, and the ability to comprehend and address complex real-world issues. Interns also gain expertise in research methodologies, data interpretation, and report writing – skills that are invaluable across various professional spheres.

Impactful Research

Interns at Rand Corporation contribute to projects that hold substantial societal relevance. Their work often aids policymakers, government agencies, and private-sector entities in making informed decisions that can shape the future. By actively participating in such endeavors, interns witness the direct connection between their research efforts and the potential to drive positive change. This experience underscores the importance of evidence-based decision-making and inspires interns to continue pursuing careers that make a difference.

Application and Selection

The application process for a Rand Corporation internship is competitive, reflecting the organization’s commitment to excellence. Candidates typically undergo a rigorous selection procedure that assesses their academic achievements, research aptitude, and alignment with Rand’s values and mission. Successful applicants join a cohort of interns who share their passion for research, analysis, and impactful policy work.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


An internship at the Rand Corporation acts as a starting point for those who aim to connect theoretical education with real-world use. By engaging in significant research tasks, partnering with specialists, and playing a role in influential policy suggestions, interns not only improve their abilities but also play a part in tackling critical societal issues. This opportunity puts them on a trajectory towards professions committed to making decisions grounded in evidence, molding policies, and creating a beneficial influence on the globe.

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