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Rockefeller Internship In 2024 New Openings

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The Rockefeller Foundation known for its longstanding commitment to driving positive change on a global scale, offers an exceptional internship program that provides aspiring professionals with a unique opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects and gain invaluable experience in the fields of philanthropy, public health, social sciences, and more. With a history dating back over a century, the foundation’s legacy of innovation and impact continues to inspire and empower interns to create lasting change.

The Rockefeller Foundation Internship is designed to attract individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. The program offers a dynamic environment where interns collaborate with leading experts, researchers, and thought leaders to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. These challenges can span a wide range of areas, including public health, economic development, climate change, food security, urban resilience, and social equity.

Key Features

Meaningful Projects: Interns are given the opportunity to work on projects that align with the foundation’s mission and objectives. These projects are often interdisciplinary in nature, encouraging interns to think creatively and develop innovative solutions.

Mentorship: Interns receive guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals within the foundation. This mentorship helps interns develop their skills, expand their networks, and gain insights into the intricacies of driving sustainable change.

Network Building: Interns connect with a diverse cohort of fellow interns, foundation staff, and partner organizations. These connections often extend beyond the internship and can become valuable professional networks.

Exposure to High-Impact Initiatives: The foundation is known for launching and supporting initiatives that have a far-reaching impact. Interns may have the chance to contribute to ongoing projects or witness the inception of new initiatives during their time at the foundation.


Apart from the intrinsic value of contributing to global causes, an internship with the Rockefeller Foundation offers numerous benefits for personal and professional growth:

Hands-On Experience: Interns gain practical experience in their chosen field and learn how to apply their academic knowledge to real-world challenges.

Resume Building: Having the Rockefeller Foundation on one’s resume is a testament to an individual’s dedication to social impact and can open doors to other impactful opportunities.

Skill Development: Interns can enhance their skills in project management, research, communication, and teamwork through their work on foundation initiatives.

Global Perspective: Working with a renowned international organization exposes interns to diverse perspectives and broadens their understanding of global issues.

Inspiration: The foundation’s rich history of catalyzing change can serve as a profound source of inspiration for interns seeking to make a lasting impact in their careers.

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Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


The Rockefeller Foundation Internship is a prestigious and impactful opportunity for individuals aspiring to contribute to global change. Through meaningful projects, mentorship, and exposure to high-impact initiatives, interns are equipped with the tools and experiences needed to drive positive transformation in the world. As the foundation continues to shape the course of philanthropy and innovation, its internship program remains a beacon for those committed to creating a better future for all.

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