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Rocket Companies the parent company of Rocket Mortgage, is a leading financial technology company based in Detroit, Michigan. Known for its approach to the mortgage and personal finance industry, Rocket Companies offers a range of services, including mortgage origination, servicing, real estate, and personal finance solutions.

Interning at Rocket Companies can be an experience for students interested in finance, technology, real estate, or related fields. The company’s internship programs provide opportunities for students and recent graduates to acquire practical experience and go to the inner workings of a fast-paced, tech-driven financial services organization.

Rocket Companies:

Technology and Software Development: Interns in this area may have the chance to work on software development projects, coding, software testing, and other IT-related tasks. They might get involved in enhancing Rocket Companies’ digital platforms, improving user experience, or developing innovative financial technology solutions.

Finance and Analytics: Interns interested in finance, accounting, or data analytics may have opportunities to work on financial modeling, data analysis, risk assessment, or market research projects. They could gain insights into mortgage finance, investment strategies, or business analytics within the company.

Marketing and Business Development: Internships in marketing or business development might involve supporting marketing campaigns, conducting market research, analyzing customer trends, and contributing to strategic planning initiatives to expand Rocket Companies’ market presence.

Operations and Customer Service: Interns in operations or customer service roles might assist in streamlining processes, optimizing customer service experiences, or working on operational efficiency projects to ensure smooth business operations.

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The internship duration, application deadlines, and specific requirements may vary each year, so aspiring interns should regularly check the company’s website for updated information and available opportunities.

Interning at Rocket Companies can provide an experience that gives a glimpse into the intersection of technology, and finance, within a leading company in the financial services industry.

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