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RTI International offers an internship program providing experiences to professionals across various fields. Founded in 1958, RTI has been committed to using science and technology for the betterment of society globally. Its internship opportunities are a platform for students and recent graduates to engage in work while gaining practical skills

RTI internships are created to doup participants in diverse projects aligned with the organization’s mission areas, including health, education, governance, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

During an RTI internship, participants can expect to:

Interns are involved in various aspects of ongoing projects, from conducting literature reviews and data analysis to contributing to project reports and presentations. This hands-on experience allows interns to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios and develop critical skills relevant to their fields.

TI’s diverse portfolio of projects offers interns the chance to contribute to meaningful research and initiatives with real-world impact. Whether it’s conducting surveys to gather data on public health trends or developing educational materials for underserved communities, interns play a vital role in advancing RTI’s mission.

Interns interact with professionals from various backgrounds, creating connections and expanding their professional networks. RTI encourages knowledge sharing, providing a supportive environment for interns to connect with peers and experts alike.

In addition to project-specific work, RTI offers professional development opportunities such as training sessions. These resources help interns enhance their skills, explore career paths, and prepare for future endeavors.

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The internship at RTI International offers a experience where participants can get to work, gain skills, and make connections that can shape their future careers. Whether in research, policy analysis, or program implementation, interns in advancing RTI’s mission of improving the human condition through science.

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