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An internship with Safran, a preeminent player in the aerospace and defense technology sector, presents an exceptional and enriching opportunity for students and burgeoning professionals seeking immersion in the dynamic realms of aviation, aerospace, and national security.

Safran stands as a global juggernaut, specializing in aircraft and rocket propulsion, landing gear, avionics, and an array of other cutting-edge technologies. Securing an internship with Safran equates to acquiring hands-on involvement with a renowned, pioneering enterprise that is instrumental in shaping the future of aerospace technology.


Safran is unwavering in its commitment to nurturing talent. During your internship tenure, you will accrue invaluable knowledge, contribute to live projects, and be the beneficiary of mentorship from seasoned experts. This offers a golden opportunity to delve deeper into your chosen field and hone practical proficiencies.

Safran operates across numerous nations, extending internships on a global scale. Working in an international milieu affords the privilege of collaboration with professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds and cultures, thereby broadening your horizons and fostering lasting connections.

Safran occupies a vanguard position in the realm of aerospace innovation. Interns are bestowed with the privilege of interfacing with avant-garde technology and making substantive contributions to initiatives that may well shape the future of aviation and defense.

Safran ardently upholds sustainability and corporate responsibility. Interns are often engaged in projects aligned with environmental stewardship, thereby further enriching their experiential learning and making meaningful contributions to a more sustainable future.

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Online Apply

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Many Safran interns make the transition to full-time positions upon the conclusion of their internships, attesting to the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and furnishing long-term career pathways.

The Safran internship represents an exclusive opportunity for professionals within the aerospace and defense sectors. It bestows the chance to work with a global industry titan, amass invaluable experience, and contribute to pioneering endeavors. The competencies and affiliations cultivated during your internship can pave the way for a prosperous and rewarding career in the electrifying domains of aerospace and defense.

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