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The Science Museum of Virginia has a lot of internship opportunities for students working in science, education, and museum studies. These internships provide hands-on experience, allowing participants to work with facets of museum operations, educational programs, and scientific exhibitions.

One such internship program is the Education Internship, which caters to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in education, science communication, or related fields. Spanning a semester or more, this internship exposes participants to curriculum development, educational program implementation, and interactive engagement with museum visitors.

Interns work with museum educators, assisting in the creation of engaging materials and activities that enhance the visitor experience. They gain insights into effective communication strategies tailored to diverse audiences, honing their skills in science communication and informal education.


The Curatorial Internship is an immersive experience for students pursuing studies in history, anthropology, or museum studies. Interns work alongside museum curators, delving into the curation process by conducting research, cataloging artifacts, and assisting in the development of exhibits. This hands-on involvement provides a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in preserving scientific artifacts, creating compelling narratives, and organizing exhibitions that resonate with the public.

For those inclined toward science and technology, the STEM Internship offers an excellent opportunity to delve into the realms of research, experimentation, and innovation. Working with museum scientists and experts, conducting experiments, and assisting in scientific demonstrations during public events.

The Marketing and Communications Internship is tailored for students studying marketing, communications, or digital media. Interns work closely with the museum’s marketing team, gaining hands-on experience in crafting social media content, designing promotional materials, and executing marketing campaigns. They learn to analyze audience engagement metrics and contribute creative ideas to enhance the museum’s outreach efforts.

The Museum Administration Internship offers a comprehensive overview of the museum’s administrative functions. Interns assist in various administrative tasks, such as budgeting, event planning, and coordinating logistics. This internship provides give to the operational aspects of running a museum, offering insights into the behind-the-scenes work that ensures the smooth functioning of the institution.

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Interns at the Science Museum of Virginia benefit from professional development opportunities, and networking with professionals in their respective fields. Through these experiences, they gain an appreciation for the intersection of science, education, and public engagement within a museum setting.

The Science Museum of Virginia’s internships are a way for students to pursue careers in science communication, museum curation, education, administration, or related fields. The range of internship programs covers to varying interests and academic backgrounds, providing a platform for experiential learning and skill development in a dynamic and engaging environment.

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